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Be bold.

Not just for special occasions but every day.

What does the bold version of you look like?

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I asked myself that question about a year and half ago. I was looking through some photos and noticed that I looked the same in every picture. Not in the good I-haven’t-gained-any-weight kind of way (Mainly because I had).  No, this was the I-can’t-tell-which-year-this-is-because-my-hair-hasn’t-changed-in-7-years kind of way.

So right then I decided it was time for a change.  I’d been wanting to cut my hair for years but had been too concerned with the opinion of others and scared by the idea of having to actually “do” my hair every day.  Lots of “what-ifs” floated through my mind.

A couple of months later, after finding a style I wanted and running it by my husband (of course I did!), I decided to join the short hair club.   And guess what? I loved it from day one.  It didn’t have to grow on me.  It was a move that was long overdue.

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Sometimes surface or physical changes can provoke thought about deeper, spiritual changes.  That’s why, a year after my haircut (and color, of course), I’m back to the same mental question.

What does the bold version of me look like? 
What does it mean to break the routine or be open to receive God’s direction DAILY?  Yikes!

It goes beyond a change in hairstyle or hair color.  This question calls to something deeper.

But what?

I’m studying the book of Joshua right now and I continue to be amazed by God’s command for him to be Strong and Courageous.  In essence, Joshua is called to be bold.

 Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, …  
Josh. 1:9

God tells Joshua this three different times in the first chapter.  That’s code for PAY ATTENTION.  This wasn’t a casual conversation but a command from God.  See God knew what was coming and he knew those circumstances would stir up wavering and weakness.  So he made it clear that bravery and boldness would be the necessary qualities for Joshua’s success.  (God does that with us too.  He tell us what we need to succeed in what we don’t yet see.)

The best part is that God tells Joshua:

WHAT he was being bold for for you shall cause this people to inherit the land… (1:6)

HOW he would be able to be bold…do according to all the law that Moses my servant commanded you…that you may have good success wherever you go. (1:7)

and WHY he could to bold for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. (1:9)

So I kept reading and honestly I’m a little intimidated. Joshua’s assignment seemed so significant and very clear but when I wake up each day it can be difficult to decipher what God is asking of me for that day.

So I boil it down to this. I can Be BOLD everyday as I take steps to:

Figure out my purpose (what)
What has God designed me to do?  With my life? With this day?  Purpose is given in big, broad strokes but it’s walked out in baby steps each day.  

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Follow God’s precepts – His word (how)
How’s my time in God’s word?  How often am I taking in his divine instruction?  Aligning my life with the Bible is the key to spiritual success.

Have faith in God’s presence (why)
When I feel alone, insecure, and afraid, am I doubting God’s guiding presence?  If I’m doubting his presence it means I’m discounting his promises.

On any given day I can walk in my purposes of teaching/sharing Biblical truth and influencing women for the sake of Christ.  All while loving my husband and son, being my crazy, creative, speak-first-think-second self. (Hey I’m still growing).

On any given day I can chew on a morsel of God’s word and add that to my Truth Toolbox that I access when “life” happens. 

On any given day I can remember the comfort of a God who never leaves and never loses. I can walk in boldness and His presence confirms my direction.  He tells me which way to go and I know it’s right for me from day one. 

When I commit to this command to BE BOLD in an every day kind of way, I begin to slow chip away at the monotony of a “well-manged” life.   I can do this!

I know I can, I know I can, I know I can…

  • I can constantly look for divine opportunities – whether in everyday conversation or in answering a life calling from God.  
  • I can believe God’s promises to me without needing a plan B.  
  • I can freely offer God my service – at all times – and trust Him to work out my schedule.  
  • I can take scary steps of faith and trust that he’ll handle the finances.
  • I can be vulnerable and transparent with others and trust God to by Defender.  I can save energy I spend trying not be taken advantage of or emotionally hurt.
  • I can speak up, forgive, say yes, say no, love with self-abandon and serve sacrificially.

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Join me on the journey.    

Take baby steps to be bold in an everyday kind of way.
I’m over bland.  I’m through with boredom.  I’m ready for boldness. Right now!

 LOVE Christ. LIVE Courageously.
Unlike Joshua, I may not have any Jordans to cross nor Jerichos to defeat, but there are plenty of daily opportunities for me to walk in divine boldness.

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